Sheet Pile, Pipe Pile and other Steel Products Supplier –

Konnection is a supplier and manufacturer of steel sheet piles, pipe piles and other steel products. We offer tailor-made products and comprehensive services to our clients, including customized logistic and delivery service, design advisory and project management to help our customers to achieve maximum cost savings in the project while maintaining the technical standards and requirements.

We supply the whole series of sheet piles including U pile, Z pile, HZ king pile, OZ pile, straight web pile, trench pile, light weight pile etc. We are proud to be a supplier who is able to offer the largest range of the piles with thickness range from 3mm to 16mm, and width range from 300mm to 1200mm, altogether more than 400 different types of sheet pile.

Our manufacture is the largest sheet piling manufacture in China and one of the largest manufactures in the world. As a comprehensive research, design, manufacture and development entity, we ensure that we provide the state-of- the-art and the best quality products to our customers. Learn more about our factory.

Since 1996, our sheet piles have been used in myriad of projects all over the world including Olympic stadiums, national high ways, bridges, airports, miles, foreshore developments etc. with proven quality and high reputation.

The steel coils used to make the piles are all from BAOSTEEL, one of the largest and most reputable steels mills in the world. Click here to learn more about Baosteel.

To meet the market demands, we have set up a stockyard in Brisbane area. For available stock, please give us a call now.